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Discover our range of premium AirTracks. Made by AirTrack Factory to provide the most durable and safe AirTracks in the industry.

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BEST SELLER AirTrack PRO STAR™  by AirTrack Factory 20CM40458400071724 40458400202796 40458400333868 40458400464940 blue color
AirTrack PRO STAR™ by AirTrack Factory 20CM
Best Awarded AirTrack
20CM thick, 1M width
Regular price€399,95 Sale price€249,95
Save 37%
hide46568648474955 46568648507723 46834862457163 46568648573259 color
AirTrack STAR™ By AirTrack Factory
Most Cost-Efficient
10CM thick, 1M width
Regular price€299,95 Sale price€199,95
Save 33%
AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide by AirTrack Factory 20CM 1.5MAirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide by AirTrack Factory 20CM 1.5M
AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide by AirTrack Factory 20CM 1.5M
For more space
20CM thick, 1.5M width
Regular price€549,95 Sale price€499,95
Save 9%
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AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide by AirTrack Factory 20CM 2M
For more space
20CM thick, 2M width
Sale price€549,95


AirTrack PRO STAR: Your Perfect Training Partnerwith AIROSTAR

Are you looking for the perfect surface to achieve your sports and fitness goals? Then, an AirTrack PRO STAR is the solution for you. And where better to buy an AirTrack than from AIROSTAR? Whether you are a novice athlete, a professional, or looking for the perfect training surface for your children, AIROSTAR's AirTrack is the ideal choice. Discover the available air track lengths at AIROSTAR and find the perfect size for every training session.

what is an AirTrack?

An AirTrack is an inflatable gymnastics mat used for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, and more. It provides a safe and comfortable surface for athletes to practice and improve their skills. The AirTrack is designed to be shock-absorbing, reducing the risk of injuries. And with AIROSTAR, you are assured of quality and a 5-year warranty!

Various Sizes of AirTracks

AirTrack 3 meters: Compact and Versatile

Looking for a compact inflatable gymnastics mat for home use or smaller spaces? The 3-meter AirTrack is ideal for you. This mini AirTrack has a width of 1 meter, and you can choose between thicknesses of 10 cm or 20 cm. With the 3m AirTrack, you are always guaranteed AIROSTAR's top quality.

AirTrack 4 meters: For that Extra Jump or Spin

For those who need a bit more space, the 4-meter AirTrack is a fantastic choice. Perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes. Dive into new routines with confidence and comfort!

AirTrack 5 meters: Abundance of Space

For the serious athlete or enthusiastic team, the 5-meter AirTrack is the perfect match. With that extra length, you can perform more complex routines and combinations.

AirTrack 6 meters: The King of AirTracks

And for those who truly want to take up space for their training, there is the 6-meter AirTrack. This is the ultimate training partner for professionals and teams!

Buying an AirTrack with Unique Features

Now that you know everything about
AirTracks and the various sizes AIROSTAR offers, it's time to choose yourperfect training partner. What are you waiting for? Buy an AirTrack today and embark on your next sports adventure! Our AirTracks are not only of top quality but also have some unique features that set them apart from other brands.

First of all, our AirTracks are made from premium materials. This means they are not only durable but also comfortable for your training. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, you don't have to worry
about slipping, even during intensive exercises.

Another important feature is their water resistance. This makes the inflatable gymnastics mat perfect for both indoor and outdoor use without worrying about potential water damage. And they are not
only functional but also beautiful. Each of our AirTracks is handcrafted,
adding an extra touch of quality and care.

And let's not forget the shock-absorbing properties. This makes them ideal for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, and much more, as they reduce impact and minimize the risk of injuries.

At AIROSTAR, buying an AirTrack is a true experience. Choose quality, comfort, and style all in one amazing package!

frequently Asked Questions about AirTracks

What lengths of AirTracks does AIROSTAR offer?

AIROSTAR offers AirTracks in sizes of 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, and 6 meters. We also have mini AirTracks for specific needs.

What about the air track warranty?

With AIROSTAR, you benefit from a full 5-year warranty! This means you can enjoy the quality of our brand without worries. Our customers' experiences show that our air track mats last an average of 7 years or even longer.

Can I choose between different thicknesses of AirTracks?

Yes, the AIROSTAR AirTracks PRO STAR and Airtracks STAR are available in thicknesses of 10 cm or 20 cm. Choose what suits you

What's included in the package?

With your purchase, you will receive not only the AirTrack Pro Star itself but also a comprehensive package of
accessories. Included are a clear manual, a convenient storage bag for when you want to store or transport the air track, and an efficient electric pump that allows you to inflate and deflate the air track. And to top it off, everything is delivered in stylish gift packaging.