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AirTrack 4 Meter

AirTrack STAR™ By AirTrack Factory
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AirTrack PRO STAR™ Wide CARBON 1.5M
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Airtrack 4 meter

AirTrack 4 meters: for the ultimate gymnastics experience

Who says bigger isn't better? When it comes to gymnastics mats, the 4-meter AirTrack from AIROSTAR provides an unparalleled training experience. Perfect for both young gymnasts and experienced professionals, this inflatable gymnastics mat is designed for those who want more space to jump, spin, and perfect their skills.

What makes the 4-meter-long AirTrack so special

The AirTrack 4 meters offers that little extra space, providing you with more freedom and flexibility in your training. The additional size can make the difference between a good and a great training session. Think of longer jumps, more extensive routines, and more room for creativity. Additionally, the 4-meter AirTrack is 20 cm thick, providing that extra cushioning that is so important. A thicker mat means more protection and a softer landing. Whether you opt for the 20 cm thick 4-meter AirTrack or the 10 cm variant, you always get the best from AIROSTAR."

Why choose AIROSTAR's 4-meter AirTrack?

Why buy a 4-meter AirTrack from AIROSTAR? It's simple – we prioritize quality, durability, and safety. And that's exactly what you get with our inflatable gymnastics mat. Moreover, the AirTrack is not only an inflatable gymnastics mat but also incredibly user-friendly. You can easily inflate the air track with an AirTrack pump, and after your training, you can just as easily deflate it. And don't forget about its shock-absorbing properties – perfect for gymnastics and gymnastic exercises.

Investing in the best for you

At AIROSTAR, we don't settle for anything less than the best, and that includes our 4-meter AirTrack. We believe in our products, which is why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee, a leading 5-year warranty, and the assurance of high quality. Train with confidence and make AIROSTAR's 4-meter AirTrack your favorite training partner!

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