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4 Reasons You Should Consider When Purchasing an AirTrack!? Based on a Study at AirTrack Users:


Warranty? by Far The Most Important Decision Maker

Since it's an inflatable product it means leakage is the number #1 occurring problem with AirTracks. Always make sure you buy an AirTrack with long and full-warranty! Think long-term and always avoid cheap AirTracks with 1 or 2 year warranty.. With low quality AirTracks such as the one on the image you run high risk with your purchase.



There are many AirTrack sellers coming of the bat with cheap AirTrack's made in unsafe Chinese Factory's. Always check if a brand is reliable and have many customer reviews (preferably photo & video's due to fake written reviews) Check ours by pressing here for example.



In a market where safety can be overlooked, AIROSTAR prioritizes protective cushioning and support to reduce injury and health risk. Well-being should be the number #1 priority. Many cheap AirTrack's use cheap PVC materials which can cause health issues to children.



Does an AirTrack brand offers something extra? We at AIROSTAR for example, offer a free course for beginners, average and advanced gymnasts to practice new skills. It is free for all AIROSTAR users. Customers also get added to a gymnastics community where Olympic Champs like Sanne Wevers are included as well which means children can connect to their heroes!


What's included?

If you're looking for an AirTrack, check if it comes with a decent storage back, electric pump for in and deflation, gift box, and user manual. Sometimes AirTrack sellers only provide hand-pumps.

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