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5 Ways to Use an AirTrack in Gymnastics


An airtrack is a type of inflatable gym mat or tumbling strip used for gymnastics, cheerleading, and other athletic activities. It is typically made of a durable, air-filled material and has a smooth, glossy surface that allows for a low-friction tumble. Airtracks are often used as a safer alternative to traditional gym mats because they provide a softer landing surface and can be adjusted for different levels of firmness. They are also portable and can be easily set up and taken down in a variety of locations.

An air track, also known as an air floor or inflatable tumbling strip, is a popular piece of equipment used in gymnastics training. It is a long, narrow inflatable mat that is used to provide a soft, bouncy surface for tumbling, flipping, and other gymnastics skills. Here are a few ways that an air track can be used in gymnastics training:

  1. Warm-ups and stretching: Air tracks are a great way to get the body warmed up and stretched out before a gymnastics training session. They provide a soft, cushioned surface for stretches, cartwheels, and other basic skills.

  2. Tumbling: Air tracks are perfect for practicing tumbling skills such as flips, handsprings, and layouts. The bouncy surface allows for more height and distance, which can help to build strength and confidence.

  3. Conditioning: Air tracks can be used for a variety of conditioning exercises, such as bear crawls, lunges, and jumping jacks.

  4. Trampoline training: Air tracks can be used as a safe and controlled alternative to trampolines for training certain skills.

  5. Group activities: Air tracks are great for group activities and games, such as relay races and obstacle courses.

Remember to always use caution and proper spotting techniques when using an air track, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for set-up and maintenance.

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