At AIROSTAR, our products are built with a strong commitment and motivation to PRODUCT DURABILITY and CUSTOMER SAFETY & SATISFACTION, more than anything else. 

We pride ourselves on investing in the world’s MOST HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS and CRAFTING PROCESS, even if this means a considerably harder and time-consuming crafting cycle for us.

Because we do not just make AIRTRACKS for simple sports training support, nor for enjoyment and fun. WE MAKE ONES THAT GIVE VALUE BAG – for real.  

That’s why we make sure that everything we use and do will never fall below our SKY-HIGH standards and expectations. With that, We use the manual “HANDCRAFTED” technique, making sure that you get the MOST PREMIUM items, delicately made with a great deal of passion and commitment rather than using today’s modern techniques like HOT AIR TECHNOLOGY, a common technique used by other brands, that uses the shortest crafting time possible but compromises the quality of the item.

 Our goal has always been to be a new brand with the highest quality possible in the b2c market. All other brands focus on massive sales for lower prices whereas, we aim for the highest quality and durability. 

Though a little bit more expensive than other brands,

Over 3,000+ customers in Europe have chosen to be EXTRA SAFE and PROTECTED every day with the help of our MASTERPIECE AIRTRACKS – with every detail crafted delicately by our bare, passionate hands.

Because choosing to have a DURABLE and HIGH COMFORTABLE airtrack is a DECISION beyond PRICE – not CHEAP