8 reasons why the AirTrack PRO STAR is the best investment you can make for your child:

Here's why buying an AirTrack from AIROSTAR is the best choice you can make. Verified by Olympic Gold medallists Sanne & Lieke Wevers. 

It's not like other AirTrack's, ours are made for the long run.

Our products are almost entirely hand-made. On average, our AirTrack's last 2 times as long as cheaper AirTrack's. The main reason for that is that we have over 30 years of manufacturing experience and use the best materials out there! Choose wisely! 

It's not like other AirTrack's, ours are made with profession for ultimate durability and for one-time purchases.

The AirTrack PRO STAR is designed to help your child or someone else reach their tumbling goals, with a thickness of 20cm and various lenghts, makes it the perfect product for all sports. Including: anti-slip, waterproofness and shock absorbment.

Our AirTrack's are trusted by World's Best Athletes.

The AirTrack PRO STAR is the choice of top athletes, including Olympic gold medalists Sanne & Lieke Wevers, who use the same AirTrack to perfect their routines.
What child does not dream about training on the same equipment as their idols?

Easy to Use & All-In! 

With its lightweight design and easy-to-inflate mechanism, the AirTrack PRO STAR can be set up in minutes and is easy for your child to use on their own. Unlike other brands, we provide full package, uh no, not with a hand-pump but with a fully electric pump for in- and deflation. 

It can be expensive yes, but it doesn't compete against the health advantages they will get!

AirTrack PRO STAR offers a fun and engaging way for kids to exercise and develop important skills. Choosing it over gaming equipment can benefit their physical health and enhance their overall well-being. It's a smart investment in your child's future, and one that they will enjoy for years to come.

The AirTrack STAR PRO is the only AirTrack you will need..!

Yes, our products are compared to others, produced to last long so you only need to purchase it once. So you can save the money needed for a new one to upgrade your trainingskit with accessoires instead of "REPLACE" your AirTrack after 2-3 years.

We have great guarantees!

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customers. We offer 30-day free returns, 90-day free exchanges and 5 years of warranty. Which means your purchase is 100% risk-free. Did you know we have a return % of less than 1%. 

It's the smartest investment you can do.

On the first eye it seems that an AirTrack for €250 euro's and below seems cheaper. However, these AirTrack's are made from cheap materials in unsafe Chinese manufacturers and last on average half as long as ours! Our AirTrack's can easily last 7 years! Calculate the price again... 

Our reviews say enough.. 

With over 3500+ satisfied customers, our reviews showcase how many people love our products. 

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